Finding New Revenue Streams for Your Cafe

Cafe’s have traditionally played a focal part of the communities they’re situated in. Along with pubs, cafe’s act as a central place where friends and neighbours can meet to catch up over a drink and some food. Times are getting increasingly challenging for these former bastion’s of community spirit however. With the rise of fast-food chains and the ability to meet people over a video call, cafe’s are having to find new ways of generating sustainable incomes. Continue reading for some ideas of new revenue streams that can help strengthen your cafe business.


Drawing upon the previously mentioned traditional base of cafe’s, they’re an ideal place for people to meet their friends and family. This meeting up aspect can be drawn upon by cafes by organising for groups to use the business as a venue for meetings.

For example, agreements could be made with stop smoking groups so that they can use the cafe for their meetings. This benefits both the group, who have a stable venue to consistently get together in, as well as the cafe who will have new customers wanting to purchase drinks and food whilst meeting. Cafe environments can benefit groups such as this too, as they’re a more relaxing and informal environment where members may feel more comfortable to talk.

A cafe could also stock nicotine replacement products for ex-smokers such as nicotine pouches from, creating an extra stream of revenue. Nicotine pouches from are a great way of quitting smoking as they still provide the nicotine smokers crave, whilst removing the countless chemicals found in cigarettes. They’re also more discreet than smoking and can be used anywhere without drawing attention, removing the need for going outside for a cigarette whilst at a venue such as a cafe.

Cooking Classes

Many people would love to learn how to improve their cooking skills, and this is something a cafe can capitalise on. With equipment already to hand and a ready-made venue, their wouldn’t be too many complications for a cafe to begin offering cooking classes. Whether hiring a cooking teacher to provide classes in the venue, or the in-house cooks running the lessons; such a venture could be carried out in the evening after the cafe is closed. With competition becoming fierce for cafe owners, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to find additional ways of earning revenue as a business whilst also appealing to different groups of people to bring customers through the door. 1 to 2 hour lessons could be provided, teaching students how to cook meals from the menu or even an expanded range of dishes. Charge an appropriate amount to cover the costs of running the classes, such as ingredients, and importantly; ensure everyone is having fun whilst also learning.

Overall, their are many ways for a cafe to introduce new streams of income to their business. Whether it’s agreeing with community groups for the cafe to be used as a meeting venue, and stocking appropriate products for them such as nicotine pouches from; or starting cooking lessons from the cafe. Explore different options and you’re sure to find something that works for your business.