Common Mistakes Café Owners Make

Thousands of people drink coffee everyday. This makes café business to be quite lucrative, but only if it is done right. Before you get started on brewing and selling, you should first know some of the common mistakes café businesses make, and how you can do things differently.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not thinking about the location: The best location for a café is where there is a lot of foot traffic. Many people who stop by to grab their coffees do so on their way to work or school. They are often on the move and they need their coffee fix as soon as possible. If your location is tucked in the middle of nowhere, chances are they will not come to you.
  • Complex menu with limited choices: The beauty of a café is simplicity of the foods and snack options. Do not make everything so complex that the customers spend too much time trying to figure out what to order. You should also diversify options, and include items that vegetarians and people on gluten and lactose free diets can order.
  • Lack of unique concept: There are many cafes that spring up everyday. You need to ask yourself what makes yours unique. Is it the high quality coffee grains? Do you bake everything from scratch? Are you following a unique theme? What is it that should make people come to you and not other cafes?
  • Not investing in customer friendly amenities: Many people visit cafes to work as they sip on their coffees and have breakfast. They need fast internet and comfortable seating with a good ambience. Think about how you can improve your space and make it better for the customers. Read the reviews that people are leaving for your café and find areas that you can keep making the space better.