Three Wall Art Ideas to Try for Your Cafe

You’re a business-oriented person and are perhaps brewing up a plan for a cafe. While that could be a great idea, there may be competitors to deal with. Is there a better place to start than your cafe’s interior, specifically the walls? The answer is a big no. A first impression matters when it comes to any cafe business, and it can make or break repeat customers. Here are cafe wall art ideas to try out:

Simple Words and Statements

Does being on the nose with your messaging really hurt? Not at all, as long as you don’t go overboard. For instance, a neon coffee sign can be simple yet huge enough to communicate your message. Sayings or simple phrases also work fine. You can insert them into a frame and hang them or paint them on the cafe walls.

Use Curiosity-Provoking Photos

Using photos to tease your customers’ curiosity could just be enough to make them come back to your cafe. Let them marvel at Photoshop capabilities or wonder how it was possible to build a seemingly impossible thing. You’ve probably seen the famous Lunch atop a Skyscraper image. A photo such as this keeps the conversation going in your cafe.

Multi-Panel Art

You could use multiple panels to relay a single phrase, word, or image. This is an excellent attention-getter, as you may be surprised at how many customers may want to turn their focus from the overall photo and catch glimpses of individual pieces. Whether you’re purchasing the artwork or framing the pieces yourself, this wall art idea is sure to give your cafe an admirable identity.