Visiting cafes in Paris

One of the things that is most recognisable about the laidback French lifestyle is cafe culture. The abundance of cafes in the city of Paris tells you how important these places are for socializing or simply just watching the world go by. Almost all cafes have tables on the pavements outside so you can enjoy your coffee and croque-monsieur while the hustle and bustle of Parisian life takes place around you.

Cafes in the French capital open very early in the morning, to cater for the workers heading off to the office (or elsewhere) at the crack of dawn and they stay open until late in the evening to cater for people who want to stop in for dinner. You can enjoy snacks or full meals there and the staff are invariably warm and friendly.

Can you smoke in a Parisian cafe?

The answer to this question is that it depends where on the cafe premises you are. In France, smoking is banned inside shops, cafes and restaurants. But as many cafes offer outdoor seating it is possible for you to smoke if you choose an outdoor table. However, many patrons will be aware that others around them might not like someone smoking nearby, so many will avoid smoking while there are there.

There is an alternative for those who enjoy smoking but who do not want to smoke in a Parisian cafe. Snus are nicotine pouches that mean the user can get that nicotine hit that they are looking for without exposing others to secondary smoking. Trying snus is easy with a number of different flavours to choose from and easy ordering from the snus website. It will help to deal with the craving that comes from doing without cigarettes for a short time.

Finding good Parisian cafes

Some of the cafes in Paris are more famous then others and some have been in existence for a long time. If you are just in the city for a short time, do a little research on the cafes that will be close to where you are staying and make sure you take in a couple of them while you are there.

Just remember to tip well if your bill shows that the service is not included. Staff at Parisian cafes do not earn a lot of money but will always make you feel very welcome and look after you during your visit.