Creative Ideas To Decorate Your New (or Old) Café

If you own a café or have just taken over a new business, we have put together some ideas to help you with your decorating decisions.

In the hospitality sector, it’s crucial to create the right atmosphere. So, imagine a place where the customer had the feeling of sitting in a cosy café in one of the cradles of coffee culture, like the city of Paris, Rome or Istanbul. Wouldn’t that be nice?

At the same time, you want to build your brand, so it’s important to design a logo that reflects your mission and make it visible in different areas of the café. There’s even the chance of getting free advertising, as customers like to “Instagram” the good times that they spend with friends or a romantic moment with their loved ones.

Some Practical Ideas

Whatever your budget, you can always find a way to improve the looks of your business. The internet is an incredible source of inspiration: on websites such as you can find designer furniture and other ideas to help you redecorate.

Where can you start? First of all, choose a style. Here are some suggestions:

  • The rustic café: lots of plants and wood, farmhouse accessories, tables and chairs may even be of different shapes.
  • The vintage café: romantic style furniture, white accents, like curtains, tablecloths and napkins. Vintage elements like teapots and floral china (pottery and serving plates).
  • The post-industrial café: focus on contrasts. You can use a mix of vintage wooden furniture together with metal chairs and lamps. You can even decorate your walls with special painting techniques to recreate a “factory look”.
  • The European café: choose a red tapestry and an elegant bar with golden accents. You can opt for upholstered chairs and small, round wooden tables.