Cosy Cafe Or Après-ski?

Skiing holidays this time of year are hitting their peak, and many tourists flock to the popular resorts around the Alps. Whether you prefer to hit the slopes all day or just relax in the beautiful surroundings, the resorts have everything you need for a relaxing holiday. After a fun-filled day, many prefer to continue the fun and attend an Aprés Ski, while others wish to retreat to a cosy cafe sipping on a cup of hot chocolate after the day’s activities. Whatever you prefer, the destination surely caters to all your needs. Recently though, some 13,000 holidaymakers found themselves in a scenario they could have done without when an avalanche in combination with heavy snowfall left tourists stranded with no way out of their snowy prison. Both roads and railway tracks were left buried under the masses of snow, leaving more than enough time to sip on hot chocolate.

Worst Snowfall In 30 Years

When visiting destinations along the Alps, one must always consider the risks involved with heavy snowfall or the ever-present danger of avalanches. Recently 13,000 tourists trapped due to heavy snowfall at a resort in Zermatt, Switzerland experienced such a scenario when railway tracks were covered in by an avalanche. The avalanche hit the area leaving the tourists stranded in the resort for days while rescue workers were trying their best to clear the train tracks of snow and ice. The only way out was with a helicopter, which transported 400 stranded holidaymakers out of the area. The roads and railway were reopened after all snow was cleared, and electricity returned to the area after the power cut which also was caused by the avalanche. The snowfall that hit the area was reportedly the heaviest in over 30 years, with amounts up to 6 feet falling over a 24 hour period. Luckily, this type of weather is unusual even though one should always keep in mind the risk of avalanches. It is, therefore, advisable to check the weather reports for the next day so as to be informed of any possible avalanche warnings before hitting the slopes.

Relax While On Holiday

Even though avalanches may occur, one should enjoy their holiday while at the Alps. Whether it’s a holiday filled with daytime activities followed by dancing the night away, or you prefer a relaxing spa weekend with the family going to cosy cafés and restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine, hotel engelberg gives you the choice of both. Engelberg is one of the biggest ski resorts in Switzerland, and its name means “the angel mountain”, which is a suitable description for this heavenly area with its snow-covered mountains. Here you can get the perfect mix of adrenaline kicks and wind down time with a cup of coffee. The best way to get to this resort is by train from Zurich, which gives you time to take in the magnificent scenery when the train passes the majestic mountain landscape. It is truly a unique experience and is equally breathtaking in the summer when the sparkling lakes and greenery turn the area into a haven for hikers and bikers.