Coffee in a Cafe

One of the many reasons for visiting a cafe is to relax with a delicious cup of hot coffee. It’s a time to relax, catch up with friends, read a book, or simply watch the world pass by your table. Everybody has a favourite type of coffee, whether that be a latte, cappuccino or espresso. The pace in a cafe is deliberately unhurried to allow customers to unwind and savour the taste. A lovely idea would be to create an authentic ambience in a corner of your own home.

Create a Cafe Style

One of the most striking things about the decor in the cafe is how the artwork is appropriate to the surroundings. To start your search for your own posters and prints, head to and browse their extensive collection. Their website is inspirational, and you are sure to find lots of ideas on how to place your posters for the best impact. Take a look at their gallery pages which feature the best interior design.

Coffee Posters and Prints

We have all seen how delightful the posters look when visiting a favourite cafe. Many of the identical prints are available at Desenio. When visiting their website, you can browse through their categories, and the kitchen section is the perfect place to find coffee-related posters. One of the options is called Your Guide to Coffee and is a text-based design. If you prefer something more visual, you could opt for a photographic image.

Personalise Your Posters

You may not wish for an exact replica of the posters you have seen in various cafes, so you will be pleased to find that Desenio allows you to personalise your design. They have a range of poster hangers and frames in different materials and colours to make your artwork unique. Gold or silver frames work well with a darker image. Or you may prefer a more natural option such as wood to complement the colour of the coffee.

Cafe Accessories

To complete the atmosphere of your in-home cafe, you can add accessories such as cute tablecloths, sugar bowls or napkins. Desenio also has brand new calendars every year, which can be a nice touch. You can mark the dates when your friends are coming round for coffee. The calendars come with the added bonus that you can remove the date section, leaving you with another attractive poster to hang on the wall.

Nothing beats a visit to your local café, but if the weather is poor or you are too busy to go out, then you can enjoy the same style and relaxing atmosphere in your own home.