What You Can Do in a Cafe



if you haven’t yet embraced the unique quality of cafes, here are some tips about what you can do to become a member of this excellent club.

  • Read: Many cafes have combined a bookshop into them, meaning customers can relax in a corner without needing a friend or a phone to pass the time. It’s something many of us could make more time for.
  • Write: Do you have a diary? Maybe it’s a good time to start. Cafes are great places for observing and feeling inspired, as well as relaxing. Take some time to look around you, have a think, and pour it all out through your pen.
  • Join a club: If you’re the creative or artsy type, cafes are great meeting places for book clubs or writing clubs.
  • Work: Too noisy at home? Pick a spot with good wi-fi and work away.
  • Meet friends: If you’re meeting friends between meals, meet them at a cafe. You can simply have a drink, or even get a snack.